Abhishek Bhandari is undoubtedly an accomplished and skilled professional in the field of web development and entrepreneurship. His journey from a software engineer to the founder and CEO of GeometricalWeb showcases his dedication, expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit. Some key highlights of his profile include:

Establishing GeometricalWeb: Abhishek’s initiative in founding GeometricalWeb demonstrates his entrepreneurial drive and leadership skills. Under his guidance, the company has grown to become a prominent player in website and app development in North India.

Extensive Experience: With over a decade of experience in the web development industry, Abhishek has honed his skills and earned a reputation for delivering high-quality work within deadlines and budget constraints.

Expertise in WordPress and Other Technologies: Abhishek’s proficiency in various programming languages and platforms, including WordPress, JavaScript, REACT, HTML, PHP, CSS, and more, enables him to tackle diverse projects effectively.

Clientele and Projects: His work with top companies and clients from around the globe speaks volumes about his capabilities. Serving clients across 40+ countries on 7 continents reflects his global reach and impact in the industry.

Commitment to Open Source and Innovation: Abhishek’s advocacy for open-source software underscores his belief in leveraging technology for positive change. His passion for innovation and problem-solving drives him to explore new avenues in web development constantly.

Educational Background and Personal Interests: Abhishek’s academic qualifications in Computer Application coupled with his love for traveling highlight his well-rounded personality and diverse interests.

In summary, Abhishek Bhandari’s profile paints a picture of a highly skilled, experienced, and visionary professional who is dedicated to leveraging technology to drive positive outcomes. Whether you’re a business looking for web development solutions or an individual seeking guidance in the field, Abhishek’s expertise and global perspective make him an ideal choice.


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